Cracker Cocktails FAQsHow long before my party will everything be delivered?
We will have everything setup and working at least 2 hours prior to your party time.


Do I have to setup the slushie machines or chocolate fountains?
No, we will set these up and ensure that they are working properly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Cracker Cocktails FAQs


How long does it take for the slushie mixture to freeze.
It will take approximately 2 hours


When do we add the alcohol to the slushie mix
Alcohol should be added when the syrup has frozen into a slush.  If it is added before this, the syrup will no1t freeze.


Cracker Cocktails FAQsWhat do I need to provide?
For the frozen cocktail machines and chocolate fountain we require a sturdy table (no trestle or glass top tables) and access to a 240V power supply.


Do I have to clean the slushie machine or chocolate fountains
No, that is one of the best things about hiring from Cracker Cocktails….no dishes.  We take care of cleaning the machines, making sure they are thoroughly cleaned and hygienic for the party.


Are packages available?
Yes, upon request.


What happens if something gets broken?
The hiree is responsible for breakages and care of the machine


If you are planning a party and would like to make sure your guests all have a great time, call Rod from Cracker Cocktails today for your perfect party solution.